The Hummingbird International Music Festival is going to be an incredible music event with the Mexican version being staged at a 500 year old monastery in the Michoacon Mountains. The spiritual connection is very important as we mix the two music cultures. We are excited about the quality of both the Mexican and American musicians that are performing at the Festival. The American bands present a good variety of traditional Appalachian music. Our American lineup includes Bill and the Belles, Fireside Collective and the ETSU Old Time Pride Band. This is going to be one great show. We appreciate the fact that all of the musicians are donating their valuable time and that our Purepecha hosts are providing staging and sound for the shows, security, transportation, drivers and translators. We are also fortunate to have quality sponsors willing to donate money, time and expertise. Because of the generosity of all of these musicians, volunteers and sponsors, we are able to bring this multi-national music event to fruition. Thank you to all.  The mixing of two musical cultures with similar orchestras, but with different styles of play, will create a new original sound and possibly a new genre of music. We are recording the entire music exchange for a documentary and album to be released at a later time. History is going to be made. The local Purepecha orchestras will bring to life their traditional music and their style of play. It is quite an experience to be able to see these musicians play differently the same instruments used by most American traditional Bluegrass and Country music bands. They strum more and pick less. You have got to see this.