Due to the high number of people who have expressed an interest in joining us in Mexico, we have come up with a way to have one lucky person and their guest join us in Mexico for the third annual Hummingbird Music Project in the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico. For every $25 donation you make to this cross-culture exchange, you will receive one opportunity to be chosen to join us during the ten day festival. For example, if you donate $50 you get two opportunities. A $75 donation gets you three opportunities and so on. You will be assigned a number for each $25 donation. On February 20th, we will do a live Facebook stream and use a random number generator to pick a number within the range of donor numbers and announce a winner. You can attend all or part of the festival. We will pay for you and your guest’s airfare from the continental US to Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. We will transport you from the airport to your accommodations in the beautiful estate of La Gloria in Tarerio. Here you will join bands as they eat, rehearse, perform and take in the majesty that is Lago de Patzcuaro. All of your lodging, transportation and meals with the performers and our staff are included. This is a truly unique and amazing opportunity to explore the real Mexico and its culture while also having the opportunity to go behind the scenes of an international music project, At the very least, you can support the project and its musicians as we work to build bridges over walls and an understanding of our commonality with our world neighbor through music. All of the artists and staff donate their time and energy. Help us continue the magic of sharing Appalachian culture. Our goal is 700 $25 donations.

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