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The Hummingbird Music Project is a cultural exchange program between the Southern Appalachian Mountain area of the United States which is home to rural coal towns and the Michoacan Mountain area of Mexico, which is home to many indigenous Indian communities. It is a cultural music exchange between American musicians playing traditional Appalachian music and Mexican musicians playing traditional Mexican music. The purpose is to unite these musicians and mix the music of the two cultures together through a multi-national concert event.

The Hummingbird International Music Festival was born from this cultural exchange, and now the Third Annual Festival will be a ten day event featuring two American Bands playing with local Purepecha Orchestras in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacan, Mexico. As in the past two years, this will be history in the making as musical moments will occur when these musicians play alongside each other sharing and influencing one another. To fulfill the cultural exchange objective, another concert event will take place in America in the Tri-Cities area in Southwestern Virginia and North Eastern Tennessee utilizing the same performers as the Mexican version.

These music events that make up this multi national festival are being captured in a documentary being filmed to showcase this cultural exchange. One focus of this documentary is the universality of music as a means of communicating even between people who speak different languages, and the second focus is about the common values of people in two different cultural communities.

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After two years in Mexico, the You can donate to our 3rd annual Hummingbird Music Project in Mexico and possibly win an opportunity to be our guest for free with full access to our musicians and staff. This includes airfare, transportation, lodging and food.
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Music Groups

Music Groups

The American bands performing with the local Purepecha orchestras will be Cornmaiz and the Monarchs of String. Some great musical moments will occur as the musicians collaborate and influence each other.
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The Third Annual Hummingbird International Music Festival will be uniting two American Bands with Mexican orchestras for seven concerts during the ten day trip to Lago de Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. The dates for this third edition of the musical festival in Mexico are 3/20-3/30 2020.
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