The Hummingbird International Music Festival has come to fruition as the result of a cultural musical exchange program between the Appalachian Mountain area in the United States and the Michoacan Mountain area in Mexico. The concept is to unite American musicians playing traditional Appalachian music and Mexican musicians playing traditional Purepecha music. The festival is intended be a multi-national music event with part of the festival being held in Mexico and part of the festival being held in America.

The festival features the same American bands and the same Purepecha orchestras in both versions of this festival. In Mexico, there will be 10 days of the American bands playing concerts in seven differnt venues.  To fulfill the cultural exchange another concert event will take place in the Appalachian region in Southwestern Virginia, utilizing the same performers as the Mexican version.

The two American bands that will be performing are Cornmaiz and Monarchs of String . Be sure to check out the Musicians Page of this website for more information about these great performers.

The dates for the Third Annual Hummingbird International Music Festival are listed below. We will be continually updating specific locations and dates in both countries as details are finalized.

General Dates and Locations

The third edition of this Festival will be during the 10 day trip to Lago de Patzcuaro, Michoacon, Mexico from 3/20-3/30. The second year of the festival was also held on Lago de Patzcuaro. The dates were 11/19-25 2018. As we get more dates and confirmations for this year’s event, we will update the site.

The following concert dates and towns are confirmed in Michoacan:

3/20/2020  Morelia  Plaza Centro

3/21/2020  Santa Clara de Cobris  Plaza Grande

3/22/2020  Patzcuaro Once Patio

3/24/2020 Capula  Plaza Centro

3/25/2020 Patzcuaro  La Jacaranda

3/28/2020  Tzurumutaro  Rancho la Gitana

3/29/2020  Quiroga  Plaza Centro